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Azure unveils world's first ever 3D printed structure made from recycled plastic materials

Azure Printed Homes has showcased the world's first ever 3D printed Backyard Studio made from recycled plastic materials at their new Culver CIty factory's ribbon cutting ceremony. The 15,000 square foot factory in Culver City, California, plans to print several structures per day to meet the increasing demand for homes, ADUs and backyard studios. Azure.

Azure has developed an innovative technology to create durable living structures made out of repurposed plastic through a process that will be vastly better for the environment than traditional building and the use of concrete. Azure's creative solution seeks to minimize waste by making use of plastic already intended for landfills, or that usually ends up in our oceans or that is incinerated. By using recycled materials instead of new resources, Azure aims to close the sustainability loop in the 3D home building industry by getting closer to a circular economy’s goal of making optimum use of previously used materials.

"Today marks a historical day for the future of building more sustainably, much faster, and more affordably," said Ross Maguire, Azure's CEO. "The construction sector is the largest global consumer of raw materials, responsible for approximately 11% of the world's total carbon emissions. Our responsibility to our customers and to future generations is to use the most sustainable practices imaginable."

Finding a better way to build has long been a goal of many companies, whether it’s building faster, more affordably, or with less waste and emissions. Through 3D printing, Azure will be able to build 70% faster and with 30% fewer costs than traditional home construction methods.

Maguire continued, "We have created production efficiencies not only by capitalizing on the advances in 3D printing but by creating a design and process that is completed in only 20 hours. When compared with conventional construction, we produce the entire structural skeleton, the exterior sheathing, the water control barrier, the exterior finish, the passageways for utilities, and the grounding for interior finishes, in a fraction of the time and cost. By revolutionizing a new age of home building with our sustainable, automated and exact production processes, we see a very, very exciting future ahead."

Recently Azure announced it had been chosen by Oasis Development to create fourteen 3D printed prefabricated homes. Oasis is due to start site work in November 2022, with Azure scheduled to deliver the fourteen home community the following month.

Azure, who has also been selling recycled plastic 3D printed backyard studios and accessory dwelling units to homeowners, will be creating the first community of durable homes to have their structures be entirely 3D printed using the same waste material repurposing techniques.

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