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Azure has been selected to create the first community to be 3D printed from recycled plastic

Azure Printed Homes, innovators of recycled plastic 3D printing building technology, has been chosen by Oasis Development (Oasis) to create fourteen 3D printed prefabricated homes. Oasis is due to start site work in August 2022, with Azure scheduled to deliver the fourteen home community the following month.

Azure, who has also been selling recycled plastic 3D printed backyard studios and accessory dwelling units to homeowners, will be creating the first community of durable homes to have their structures be entirely 3D printed using the same waste material repurposing techniques.

Azure developed its innovative technology with a goal of finding a better way to build that would be vastly better for the environment. Azure’s creative solution minimizes waste by using plastic already intended for landfills or that usually ends up in our oceans or incinerated. By using recycled materials instead of new resources, Azure aims to close the sustainability loop in the 3D home building industry by getting closer to a circular economy’s goal of making optimum use of previously used materials.

Through 3D printing, Azure says they can also build structures 70% faster and with 30% fewer costs than traditional home construction methods. Azure Printed Homes plans to reduce home energy consumption bills to zero through a combination of high levels of building airtightness and the use of low-carbon technologies including heat pumps and solar panels.

“Azure is excited to prove the concept of this technology, and to become a partner of choice for home builders,” said Ross Maguire, Azure’s CEO.

“It’s great to partner with Oasis Development in Ridgecrest, on a genuinely innovative project aiming to demonstrate the benefits of 3D printing using recycled materials.”

“Oasis is pleased to announce our partnership with Azure to deliver 3D printed modular homes to Ridgecrest,” said Ken Bagga, CEO of Oasis.

“We have been actively researching several potential prefab manufacturers for this particular project for several years. We finalized our current plans for this development with Azure’s input. Their expertise has accelerated our learning around their innovative products and processes. Now that our agreement is signed, we look forward to seeing these new modern homes being manufactured by Azure Printed Homes and installed in our Ridgecrest development.”

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