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Our Process

At a fraction of the time.

With a positive environmental impact.

At a lower cost.

Backyard Studio design

Step 1:


Design your custom Azure Backyard Studio or ADU with the colors, finishes and details you prefer in our 3D design configurator, which is now available on desktop for the Azure Sky backyard studio. (The mobile version of the 3D design configurator will soon be available, followed shortly after with the configurator for each of the Azure ADU models.)

Step 2:


The self-supporting structure of each Azure module is printed in less than 24 hours based on your exact specifications.


Step 3:


Each beautifully designed Backyard Studio and ADU is assembled in our local factory with the utmost precision and quality in a controlled environment.

Step 4:


In advance of the scheduled delivery date of your new Backyard Studio or ADU, the site foundation is completed. Upon delivery, Backyard Studios are installed within 24 hours, and ADUs are connected to live site utilities in less than 3 days.

Accessory Dwelling Unit delivery
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