How do we build a 3D Printed Structure?

You will design your Backyard Studio, ADU, tiny home or home through our online configurator, and then we will print and prefabricate them for you within one to two weeks.

Where are structures made?

Our units are manufactured in our factory in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

When can I receive delivery of an Azure structure?

You can pre-order any Azure structure now. Depending on your location, you can receive delivery of an Azure backyard studio within 30-60 days, and you can receive delivery of an Azure ADU or home within 90-120 days.

What is the material used to 3D print the structure?

More than 60% of the print material comes from recycled plastic – a plastic polymer that is most commonly seen in plastic bottles and food packaging.

Are Azure units safe?

Yes, our units are designed for long-term wear and tear, extreme temperature, and for seismic activity. Structures are watertight, highly insulated and pest resistant. Our material has undergone accelerated, long term weathering testing. The recycled plastic used is non-toxic and VOC-free.

Do you have wind-load ratings?

We have designed all of our modules to withstand wind speeds of 150 mph, which covers 95% of the conditions in the continental United States. For an extra cost, we are able to enhance the strength of all modules to meet the wind demands of any extreme part of the country that has wind speeds that exceed 150 mph.

Are the Backyard Studios and ADUs rated for snow load?

Yes, all our structures are designed to withstand the weight of snow according to ASCE 7-10.

What are the range of sizes available?

Backyard Studios are 100-120 sq.ft. ADUs currently range from 180 sq. ft. to 900 sq.ft., tiny homes (homes on wheels) are 180 to 360 sq.ft. and homes can be up to 2,000 sq.ft.

How does payment work and do you offer financing?

$250 fully-refundable deposit is accepted when you complete your initial pre-order online. For Azure Sky backyard studios, an initial 10% is due when your Design Configuration is complete. The next 30% is due within 60 days of your studio’s manufacturing date. The next 30% is due upon the scheduling of a confirmation date for production of your unit. The final balance is due 14 calendar days prior to the Scheduled Ship Date of your backyard studio. Financing options are also available through our partner, Acorn Finance. Additional finance options will be available soon.

What warranty do the structures have?

Azure Printed Homes warrants to the original purchaser that your Backyard Studio and/or ADU is free of defects in material and workmanship upon delivery and will repair or replace any components that do not provide reasonable service under normal residential use for a period of ten (10) years from the date of purchase.

How do the modules connect together to form the larger ADUs and homes?

The modules will all be bolted and strapped on the inside and sealed and flashed on the outside to create a sturdy and tight seal.

Can units be moved after initial occupancy?

Yes, they can be unbolted from the foundation and moved.

Is it possible to change any window locations or remove a bedroom door?

Our design configurator and the design development process with customers will provide all options and configurations available. Making adjustments to or removing elements from the unit will only be allowed once in the owner’s possession, but may void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Could you please provide a rough ballpark estimate on delivery fee and taxes?

Delivery fees and taxes can be estimated upon order confirmation but varies depending on location and prevailing costs at time of delivery.

How does shipping work?

Our units can be shipped anywhere within the Continental US, Mexico and Canada using a flatbed truck. If shipping internationally, Hawaii or Puerto Rico, they will be transported by a boat.

Are units outfitted with plumbing and electrical?

Units that are larger than 120 sq.ft. are designed to have connections for electricity, water and sewer (units under 120 sq.ft. are wired for electrical only). All plumbing and electrical is completed inside the unit prior to delivery, and we leave connections on the outside ready for hook up at the site.

What is typically the foundation requirement? Will a slab be necessary?

A slab isn’t necessary, but a perimeter concrete or CMU foundation is advisable (Concrete Masonry Units). We advise that each unit be bolted down to a foundation with hold-down bolts, similar to traditional structures. We have standard foundation details that can be followed for a standard flat lot with good, compacted soil. However, more specific foundation designs would be necessary for sites that don’t meet that criteria.

What is the exterior treatment of the walls/shell?

Each structure is coated with an external UV protection layer, which we recommend be recoated every 15 years to protect the printed shell (similar to repainting a traditional house). There are color paint options available as well. The coating carries a 15-year UV and color warranty.

What is the interior treatment of the walls?

The interior walls are finished like any traditional home. Pictures, paintings and other decor can be hung from them in much the same way. There is no printed material visible on the unit’s interior.

Do we offer “Off-Grid” options?

Yes, we offer solar and battery options. We are also currently working on a full off-grid package that includes fresh water and wastewater treatment.

Do the units have air conditioning and heating?

Studios and units under 360 sq.ft. run off of mini-split HVAC systems. Larger floorplans (over 360 sq.ft.) have a central ducted HVAC system. Underfloor heating is an optional extra as well, for colder climates. All A/C and heating options will be an additional cost.


When will I be able to design and order my Azure Backyard Studio?

You can now order a 3D printed 100 sq.ft. N-100 or 120 sq.ft. D-120 or A-120 Backyard Studio.

What are the dimensions and weight of a Backyard Studio?

The N-100 backyard studios are 11′ front-facing in length and 9′ deep and 10′ high. The D-120 and A-120 120 sq.ft. Backyard Studios are 13.3′ front-facing in length, 9′ deep, and 10′ high. They weigh approximately 6,000 pounds.

Do I need a building permit to install a Backyard Studio on my property?

You will find that most municipalities do not require a building permit for a structure that is 120 sq ft and under. We advise that you verify with your own county prior to ordering. Adding an electrical feed or HVAC installation may require a separate over-the-counter electrical permit.

How long does the process take after I place my order?

Once your order is placed, each module unit will be printed in one day, and then have their interior completed in approximately 4 days with your custom selected finishes. You can expect to receive a notification that your order is ready to be delivered a minimum of two weeks after placing your order (pending confirmation of material stock levels). During this two-week period, you need to coordinate the installation of your foundation so that your chosen location for the Backyard Studio unit is ready as soon as the unit is ready. If you are in Southern California, we can help with the foundation installation.

Are these Backyard Studios customizable?

You are able to choose the interior floor design, the wall and ceiling finishes, the location and size of side wall glazing or a solid side wall, and a selection of lighting options.


When will I be able to order my Azure Tiny Home?

You can now order a 3D printed 180 sq.ft. studio X-180 or 270 sq.ft. 1-BD X-270 or 3600 sq.ft. X-360 Tiny House.

Do I need a building permit to install a Tiny Home?

Your Tiny Home, also known as Park Model, will be ANSI-certified at the factory. You will just need to make sure that your property allows installation of the park models. The site must be properly graded and sloped to provide for storm drainage runoff. The area beneath the unit must be graded to prevent water accumulation. Soil conditions in the immediate area are important. Pier footings will need to be placed on firm undisturbed soil or soil that has been compacted to at least 90 percent of its maximum relative density.

How long does the process take after I place my order?

Once your order is placed, each unit will be printed in one to three days, depending on the size, and then have their interior completed in approximately 10-15 days with your custom selected finishes. You can expect to receive a notification that your order is ready to be delivered a minimum of four weeks after placing your order (pending confirmation of material stock levels and back orders in front of you). During this four-week period you need to coordinate the site preparation that might be required.


When will I be able to design and order my Azure ADU?

You can now order your 3D printed ADU or home.

Do I need a building permit to install an ADU on my property?

Yes, adding any unit over 120 sq.ft. to your property will require a building permit with your local authority, however we will take care of the building permit as a factory-built unit. You will just need to take care of permits for the foundation, any grading, drainage and utilities for your site.

How long does the process take after I place my order?

The process to create a site plan specific to your property will typically take 2-4 weeks. Once a full plan set has been submitted to your local authority you can expect to receive approval anytime between 8-24 weeks, depending on your individual permit application and local authority. Once permit approval has been received, we will coordinate your site work with you while fabricating your customized ADU. We expect this process to take a further 4-6 weeks, with a 1-week delivery and installation process.

What are the exterior measurements for your ADUs?

Outside footprint dimensions, not including any overhangs, are 20′ x 9′ for each module.

What is the roof pitch on the D-Series units?

All D-series units have the same ¼” per foot of slope.

Are the ADUs and homes compatible with a septic system?

Yes, all connections for sewer, water and electrical are made to the unit once on the delivery site and are compatible with septic systems. All the internal plumbing and electrical work in each unit is completed in-factory before being delivered and ready for connection.